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We know that before exercise, we have to warm up. We have been playing "Beans" and trying different ways of moving. We love "beans on toast" and the french bean!!!   Jumping Bean Beans on toast String Bean Broad Bean Runner bean
French bean (Let's hear you Lime class! "Ooh Lala!!!")

Lime Class number bonds to10

We have been working practically to  find number bonds to 10. 

Gymnastics for Lime Class

We have been working on balancing and jumping in gymnastics this term. We have looked at travelling over equipment and jumping off safely as well as balancing using the floor and equipment. Look at what we can do.

Elm class maths

We have been learning to record and solve subtraction problems. We used
our toy frogs and sang "10 little speckled frogs" to solve problems
practically. Then we used a toy bus to solve word problems using
subtraction. At home challenge- can you write some word problems using
addition and subtraction? Don't forget to solve them and bring them in
to show everyone!

The vet visits Year 1

On Friday, Mrs Arrowsmith talked to us about being a vet. We found out
how she examines animals, how to look after a dog's teeth and even how
they take an animals temperature! Yuk! We looked at x-rays of animals
bones and tried to guess which part of the animal it was. Then we had a
go with the stethoscope and listened to her heartbeat.


Well done to everyone who swam today. I am very impressed with how much
confidence we are gaining. Please ensure all swimming kits are in on a Monday
and children are aware of listening in the pool. Some of us even tried to swim
the length of the pool- high five!!!! (10 metres!)

Mog and the Vee Ee Tee

This week we are reading Mog and the Vee Ee Tee. We are looking at using the
words and pictures in the story to help us to understand how a character is
feeling. We looked at how Mog was feeling at the beginning of the story today
and some of us even thought about why- adding connectives that we have been
looking at since we started Year 1. Well done Lime Class! One child even checked his work
made sense and corrected it! Wow!

Some of us were also looking at spelling
animals names and thinking about how we form our letters. We did really well at
this too.

Lime Class Phonics.

This week we are learning these graphemes. They make the /oi/ /ai/ /w/ and /ow/
phonemes. See if you can find any words that have these graphemes in. :) we
are also learning the words said and so to spell and their and oh. Have fun
practising. Remember you can use to play games for free! That
helps us to practise our phonemes.

Lime Class Maths

Today we have been looking at identifying addition and subtraction number
sentences by the sign. We had lots of addition and subtraction number sentences
and had to sort them into 2 columns . We then had to solve the number sentence.
We were really good at this and Miss Bennett couldn't catch us out. Well done
Lime Class!!!

Lime Class add teen numbers

Today Cone group have been learning to add teen numbers together. We used the
large number square on the playground and recorded it on our whiteboards. We
were not entirely sure on teen numbers and were calling them "ty" numbers
(which gets confusing!) we are now experts in teen numbers and are pretty good
at adding them- although practise ALWAYS makes perfect. Look at what we got up to. 

Week beginning 29th September

This week we are going to be reading about Mog and the V.E.T. Please can we have any help with resourcing our role play areas with any toy animals. Both classes will have vet surgeries and resources are needed- including any thermometers if you have any old play ones. Any resource will be gratefully received. We  had a vet visit on Friday afternoon and Mrs Clark took some photographs. These will be on soon!

Lime Class solve problems.

We had great fun solving problems this week. We used all types of resources and recorded
it on whiteboards so we were not afraid to make a mistake. We now know we can do it so we will be working hard next week!!

Lime Class practise different ways of using a pencil.

> These are our spirals using hard and soft pressure and big and small movements. Watch this space for our finished portraits! They look amazing!!!

Lime Class plan instruments

This week we have planed to make instruments. We have looked at real instruments and in the next 2 weeks we will be collecting materials and making our own instruments. Have a look at some of our designs. Can you see what we are making?

Lime Class History

> This week we have been learning about our personal history and ordered events in our lives. We thought about when we would have learnt to crawl, walk, run, cycle, go to school and so on. Have a look at some of our work.

The Creation story

Have another look at this. It shows you how Christians believe the world began.

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Where does our world come from?

We had some fantastic discussions this week, well done Year 1.

We lit a candle and sat still. We quietly thought about where our world comes from.

We looked at a power point to talk about what Christians believe.  We enjoyed the creation story.

Harvest Samba

Lime class- if 5 is the answer- what is the question?

Today we have been adding. At the end of the lesson, Miss Bennett set the
questions of "if 5 is the answer, what is the question?" We then did it with 8
being the answer. We really worked hard at this and found different number
sentences to add to make 5 or 8. We even knew that we could add zero to the
answer and it wouldn't change it. We will be doing problem solving from
Thursday- so watch this space for more problems.