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Problem solving in Elm Class

The zoo has 12 penguins and 2 pools. How many different ways can the
penguins be put in the 2 pools? We worked in pairs and used cubes to
help us work it out.

Fw: Elm class share their Dear Zoo stories with the Reception children.

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class share their Dear Zoo stories with the Reception children.

Well done for reading 5 times or more this week!


Lime Class wish you a happy and safe half term! We will see you all on Monday 3rd November!


Love to Learn

Week 3's task:
Literacy: read your favourite fairy tale with an adult. Draw a picture and label/write a setence about it.  
Maths: how many ways can you make 15? Investigate addition and subtraction
Challenge: can you write the number sentences that you found 
For example- 1+14=15.                        20-5=15

Problem Solving

We have been solving problems this week! Look atwhat wehave been doing, what we have used and the problems we have solved. 

Lime Class make instruments

We designed some instruments a few weeks ago and we have made them and finished them this week. Can you tellwhat they can do? We will be performing with them tomorrow. 

Chloe and Finley play a duet

More musical performances from Elm Class!

Here's Freya and her shaker!

Elm class make musical instruments.

Today we made musical instruments with junk modelling then performed in
groups. Evie made a box of different instruments, thinking of all the
different ways to play them.

Love to Learn Week 2


Number bonds

This week we have been learning our number bonds to 5, 10 or 20.

Dear Zoo

This week we have been reading "Dear Zoo". We have been describing
animals with special words called adjectives. Next week we will be
writing our own Dear Zoo stories.

Good reader awards last week- Elm class

Keep it up! Let's see if we can get even more certificates this week.

Sorting shapes

We thought about different ways we can sort 3D shapes. Can you guess
how we sorted them?

Shape safari

Last week Elm class went round the school looking for 3D and 2D shapes.
Can you name all the shapes we found?

Leonid Afremov

We have been looking at the paintings of Leonid Afremov, he uses blunt instruments to create paintings of all types of things- we have looked at his paintings of animals. Today, we created our first part of our portrait and have been painting the animals using a spoon. 

Lime Sort animals

We have been looking at animals and how there are different types. This week we have sorted animals onto a zoo map by whether they are mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles and insects. 

Lime Maths

Lime Class have been looking at number bonds to 10 and 20 this week and subtraction facts from this. 
On Monday we chose different ways to represent our numberbonds to 10! 
On Tuesday we investigated numberbonds to 20 and some of us looked at numberbonds to 10. 

On Wednesday and Thursday we investigated the inverse of addition and found subtraction facts for numbers to 10 or 20. 

Lime Literacy

This week we are reading Dear Zoo, we are looking at making appropriate word choices to describe animals. 
On Monday we looked at describing animals using our own word choices. 
Some of us wrote labels for the animals. We were looking at using our phonemes. 
On Tuesday we wrote some sentences- using our adjectives from yesterday!  Some of us included connectives too... 
On Wednesday we thought about the story and the order. We mapped it out or rewrote the story in order. 
And on Thursday we chose our favourite zoo animals and made appropriate word choices to describe them. We really enjoyed this! 

Tomorrow we will be writing a letter to the zoo telling them why we do not want our zoo animal. Watch this space!