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Love to Learn 28th November


This week we have been using adjectives to describe the Giant
from Jack and the Beanstalk. We used these adjectives to make a WANTED
poster. Can you make a WANTED poster for another fairy tale bad


We have been finding the difference between 2
numbers this week. Make yourself some number cards. Choose 2 and try to
find the difference between the 2 numbers. For example, the difference
between 10 and 7 is 3. You can make the numbers as easy or as
challenging as you like. Record it in picture or a number sentence.

Have fun!

Parent Stay, Play and Share sessions-RRS

Thank you so much to all of you that attended the sessions! See you on Friday for the craft sessions if you can attend (from 2:30pm). See you next Monday for another FANTASTIC phonics and reading session.

Don't forget to check out the phonics tab of this blog for lots of information AND games to play at home. 
Thanks for all of your support.

Finding the difference.

We have been working really hard this week to learn that finding the difference means that we take away (subtract). We havebeen listening to Miss Bennett when she gives us 2 numbers to find the difference between, wehaveturned them into a number sentence and then used numberlines, fingers, cubes and drawings to help us to work out the answers. We are VERY good at this. Try a few yourself! 
What is the difference between 12and 5? 
What is the difference between 7 and 4? 
What is the difference between 20 and 9? 


Hedgehog group have been looking at using some adverbs this week. Have a look at the sentences we have created. 

New maths books!

Well done to those children in Elm Class who used their new squared
maths books for the first time today. They did a great job to remember
how to work in them correctly. Keep it up!

Jack and the Beanstalk Game

We used a game to help us develop our story telling language. Can you
tell someone at home the Jack and the Beanstalk story using the
sentence starters and pictures on the board?

Can you find the difference between these numbers?

8 and 6

11 and 4

6 and 3

Finding the difference

Elm Class managed to get their hands on the treasure chest of jewels
that Jack took from the Giant's castle! We used them in our maths
lesson to find the difference between two numbers.

Phonics Screening Check

Thank you to everyone who made it to Elm and Lime's Phonics Screening Check information afternoon. It was lovely to see you there.

Under the phonics tab (as promised) there are now websites and information on the Screening Check, with games and everything you will need. If you would like to find alien words to print and have a go at, at home, a search for this using a search engine, will help you to find these resources. If you are unsure of where to go, please ask Miss Bennett or Mrs Clark and they will point you in the right direction. 
As we said on Thursday and Friday- practise, practise, practise, is the secret to learning to blend and making sure your child knows all of the phonemes that they need to. 
We are currently working on Phases 4 and 5 with the majority of the class and continuing to practise Phase 2 and 3. 
Remember, at all Stay, Play and Share sessions on a Monday afternoon, We will be making and sending home resources to help your child with their phonics- it wou…

Lily's amazing story.

Lily has been working REALLY hard this week and has written a beautiful story
retelling Cinderella. The beginning and middle were written with the teacher in
a small group, today Lily has written the end by herself Look how much hardwork has gone into this! Well done, Lily!

Phonics Screening session for Lime Class Parents

Please remember that Miss Bennett will be in Lime class from 2:30pm tomorrow to deliver some information on the phonics screening check as well as for you to ask any questions. Please try to attend so you are aware of what we are doing in Phonics ready for the check in June.

If you could not make the session today, please attend tomorrows. Everyone is welcome.

Thank you in advance.

Cinderella's Umbrella

Today Elm Class have been testing materials to find out which one would
be the best to make an umbrella for Cinderella so she doesn't get wet
on her way to the ball.


We have been writing the story of Cinderella this week. We have looked at starting sentences in different ways and using some interesting word choices. Also we knew that fairy tales start with "Once upon a time..." And end with "happily ever after" watch this space for our endings tomorrow. 

Lime solve problems.

Lime class have been problem solving this week and looking at numberbonds to 10 and 20 within in. We have had a go at Nrich's "One Big Triangle" to make sure that everyside of the triangle touching add together to make 10. Look at what we have done!!! Miss Bennett was very proud of us all. 
Challenge: can you have a go at home? Search for. nrich,  one big triangle. You can use this to solve with your parents too.  


We have been looking at different ways of moving in Gymnastics and have thought about how we can put these together into a sequence. 

Cinderella vehicles

Vehicles to take Cinderella to the ball have been very innovative.

Our Cinderella stories

We have been working on the story of Cinderella for the past 2 weeks.
We have acted out the story, mapped it out and wrote our own versions.
Here are some of them for you to see.

Let's Explore Challenge

Can you build a wheeled vehicle that can carry Cinderella's pumpkin?

Lime Class Maths

Today we have been looking at solving problems involving our number bonds to 20. The children worked using whatever they needed and we talked about what the words mean. Can you solve this problem at home (and write it in your love to learn book) and let Miss Bennett know the answer? 
Anna has 10 coins. She loses some and only has 2 left. How many has she lost? 
Is this an add or a take away? How can you record it? What words make you know it is add or take away?