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Love to Learn Task

Year 1 Homework 30th January 2015 English Draw a picture and write about your favourite thing to do at school.
Maths This week we have been learning about sharing and dividing. Find an item of food at home and draw how you could share it equally between everyone who lives in your house. For example, A packet of biscuits has 9 biscuits in. Mum, Dad and Charlie can have 3 biscuits each. Would there be any biscuits left over?
Use anything you like, bowls of fruit, sweets in a packet etc.
Apologises to Lime Class. We forgot to take the books home! Books will be sent home Monday and it can be handed back in on Thursday! :)

High Frequency Word Bingo!

We have been using the Phase 4 High Frequency Word Bingo. We are good at
reading our words!

Problem Solving involving Grouping

We have been problem solving today. Thinking about how to solve problems by
putting numbers into groups. Can you work out how many groups in each number?

Look what got us all excited today....


Lots of arrays.

We looked at arrays today and spoke about how many 'lots of' there were in each number. We investigated 20 and then the children investigated 30 on their own. They worked really hard on this! Ethan, Freddie and Natasha even started to record this on a whiteboard and search for patterns. Well done everyone! 
There are 3 lots of 4 in 12. 
There are 15 lots of 2 in 30. 

There are 3 lots of 10 in 30

There are 9 lots of 2 in 30 
There are 7 lots of 2 in 14. 

Hooray for arrays!

Today we have been looking at different ways a number of cubes can be
arranged in an array. We have been using the vocabulary 'lots of' to
describe the arrays we have made. We found out that 20 could be: 1 lot
of 20, 2 lots of 10, 4 lots of 5, 5 lots of 4, 10 lots of 2 or 20 lots
of 1.

Then we worked in pairs to find arrays for different numbers.
Chloe and Isobel worked brilliantly together and remembered to work in
a pattern to find all the ways.

Division Word Problems

At the start of the week Elm class have been working on solving word
problems that involve sharing. We used pictures and objects to help us
work them out.

Mr Selwood's Visit-RRS

>Today we had Mr Selwood come to visit to talk about his time at school and
>he was a teacher.
>Talk to us and ask us some questions about what it

Asking Questions

Today we have been asking questions to Mrs Crompton. We asked her about her
school and what she liked. Tomorrow we will be asking Mr Selwood too! Can you
tell us about your mums and dads at school too?

Parent Sessions-RRS

Thank you to all parents who are supporting reading within class on a Monday afternoon. These sessions run from 2:45-3:10pm when we will ask for help with packing away and getting the children ready for hometime. You may then take your child home.

These sessions are really enjoyable for the children so everyone is welcome. It is making a great impact on class reading. The reading afternoon will continue unless stated otherwise- so please come along to a relaxed time with your child to see what they are learning to do!

Sharing word problems

Today we have been solving word problems in Maths about sharing. Take a look at some of the problems we did and how we chose to solving. 
I had 6 sweets and i shared them between 2 people. How many do they have each? 
There were 10 teddies and they were shared between 2 boys. How many did they get each? 
12 toys were in the playroom and 2 children shared them. How many did they get each?
16 sweets on a table and 2 children shared them. How many did they get each?
There were 15 pencils and 3 people shared them. How many did they get each? 
Can you share 18 sweets between 3 people? 

Recounts of our Trip

We went on a trip to The Priest's House Museum this week. We then wrote a
recount of our day. See what we got up to!

Alphabetical Order

We have been looking at putting words into alphabetical order. Well done Lime

Wow work!

Freddie has been experimenting with his times tables...... Well done Freddie!!!

We have magazines!!!

Two children have discovered the car magazines today.... They throughly enjoyed looking at them all and choosing their favourite. As well as reading the words and saying which ones they have seen and their colours. Keep it up boys! 

Doubles and Problem Solving

We have been exploring doubles this week. We have then been using our knowledge to solve practical problems. See if you can solve the fruit salad one at the bottom too. 

Maths problem solving

This week we looked at subtraction and then using addition and subtraction to solve practical problems. 


This week some children bought in some old toys. Miss Bennett also showed us her old teddy from when she was 1 day old. 
Miss Bennett's Kandy

Keeley's mum's Fifi

Natasha and her mum's teddy bears from when they were both babies 

Luca's mum's teddy 

Luca's nanny's dominoes