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Love to learn task

Year 1 Homework Friday 27th February Due in Wednesday 4th March English Write a list of rhymes for the following words: Trees Look Sky Wide

More writing


Writing a non fiction page

We have been writing our own non fiction pages. Have a look at some of them
here and see what you think.

Sorting Information

We have been sorting information about Polar Bears and Penguins based on what
we have learnt about each of the animals, did you know some of these facts?!

Searching for Polar Animals

This week has seen us on the hunt for animals from Antarctica and the Arctic.
(South and North Poles).

Place Value games

We have been playing games using place value. We have chosen 2 digits and put
them together to make the largest or smallest number that we can. Then some of
us wrote the numbers in words. We had to be super detectives to see which were
the tens and the units!


We had our first session of Basketball on Tuesday. It was cold outside but we kept moving and had lots of fun!!! 

Guided Reading

Lime Class have been having their guided reading sessions on a Monday afternoon for 2 terms now. We work independently and as a group in a variety of different activities. Today the children used their reading session to learn more about Antartica and explore our topic focus. 
Can you tell your parents about "Scott of the Antarctic"? 

Penny the Penguin

The children in Lime Class came into school to discover a special guest who had their own bag.... We will be exploring the bag tomorrow... Watch this space!

She had also painted where she was from on our window! 

Parent's Phonics Session Monday 23rd February

Due to introducing a new topic tomorrow, we are cancelling the parent session in the afternoon. The sessions will begin again next Monday (2nd March 2015).

Thank you to all parents that come to these sessions and we will see you all next week.

Hope everyone is ready for a new term.... see you all in the morning!

Miss Bennett and Mrs Clark

Telling the time in Elm Class

Can you tell an adult the times on the yellow clocks?

Let's Explore

This week the children have been using non-fiction books to find out
how glass is made. They also tried to find information about how glass
is made into so many different shapes and colours. For our Maths
activity we made doubles books to take home to practise our doubles.

Using Lego with a purpose

E built a classroom using the Lego. Can you spot theChristmas tree and cubby holes?

Suffixes-adding -ed

Hedgehog Group have been investigating adding -ed to the end of words (as a suffix). 
Can you add -ed to these words?
Play Stop Stoke Swim Plumb

Halves and quarters

We have investigated which shapes can fold in half. can you investigate any at home too?   

Homework for this week

Year 1 Homework 13/2/15 Maths Draw clock faces to show what time you do these things (to the nearest half hour):
·Wake up in the morning. ·Have tea/dinner. ·Go to bed. ·Go to any clubs or after school activities.
Ask a parent or grandparent about a special memory. Draw a picture of what they said

Growing Potatoes

Elm Class are taking part in a potato growing project. We got our
potato growing kit in the post and today we put our potatoes on the
window sill to 'chit'. This means putting them somewhere light to make
the shoots grow. When the shoots are long enough we can plant them in
some soil.

More symmetrical models

Inspired by Evie's Lego model, a few more examples of symmetrical

Writing about school long ago.

Today we used our notes from Monday to write captions for pictures
about school long ago. Olivia in Elm class did a brilliant job writing
independently, thinking about what she wanted to write and sounding out
each word carefully. Well done Olivia!

Can you tell someone at home a
fact about school long ago?

Let's Explore challenge

Evie made a fantastic symmetrical model using Lego! Well done Evie!

Moving pictures

At the toy museum we saw a nursery rhyme book that had a moving picture
of the rhyme "Old Mother Hubbard". It used a slider to change the
picture. We made our own moving picture today to illustrate the Jack
and Jill nursery rhyme.

After a snowy play time!


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