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A big thank you from Mrs Turner

Thank you so much to the group of year ones who made me a FANTASTIC penguin book.  I could really see how hard they had been working with Mrs Luffman to research penguin facts.  I thought I knew lots of penguin facts but they taught me some new ones - I didn't know that a group of baby penguins is called a creche! Well done Year 1.

Little Red Riding Hood Writing

Today we have started writing our own versions of the story. Maisie has
made a great start!

Let's Explore

Look at our umbrellas!

The solar eclipse

On Friday we experienced the partial solar eclipse. The sky got darker,
the birds stopped singing and it got colder.

Little Red Riding Hood

Today we have been sharing the story of Little Red Roding Hood with our
friends. We listened to Miss Bennett read the story for 2 days and now we are
sharing them with each other. These two were really trying to read each word
using our phonemes.


On Monday, we had Griffin Tennis Academy in to show us how fun Tennis can be.
Look at what we got up to! Fantastic effort from everybody and we all loved

Tennis is fun... More to follow later.


Look at the fab map work we have been doing this morning!


Happy Mother's Day from Lime Class-RRS


Love to Learn Task

A speaking and listeni task today
Read as many different versions of little Red Riding Hood as you can. Discuss the different versions and what characters etc are in each. 
What happens? Who does it? Why is the wolf trying to eat her? 
This will help the children with their literacy next week. 
Mrs Clark and Miss Bennett

Red Nose Day-RRS


Red Nose Day-RRS

Many thanks to Imogen's mum who very bravely let the children "make her
face funny for money" this morning!

Year 1 have arrived in Canada!

Our Snail and the Whale journey has now taken us to Canada. In guided
reading today, Elm Class found out how maple syrup is made. Then we got
to taste some- Mrs Clark even squeezed some Maths in and made us think
about how we could divide a slice of toast into equal pieces for
everyone in the group!

Look what landed in the playground today....


Fine Motor

We have been making patterns using the pegs. Miss Bennett set us the challenge
of using tweezers to put them onto the holes and make a pettern like that. It
was really hard- but we have do it!!!

Looking at Maps and globes

We have been using the class globe to find Madagascar and Antarctica! Then
looking at where we are!

We love the globe.

The Sun has got his hat on!

Elm Class made the most of the sunny day on Friday and drew round our
shadows on the playground. We drew round them in the morning and in the
afternoon and were surprised to find they had changed position! This
week we will be finding out why this happened.

Elm Class homework

Well done Elm Class! Mrs Clark is really impressed with your homework
books- keep it up!

How do polar bears keep warm?

We used lots of skills this week to make a model to show how polar
bears can survive in the Arctic. We used non-fiction books to find out
what their skin was like. Then we used our measuring skills to cut out
materials to show the structure of their fur, skin and fat. Finally we
labelled our diagrams. Did you know that a polar bear's skin is black
to absorb the heat from the Sun? Their fur is hollow to trap warm air
next to their skin and they have a thick layer of fat (about 10cm) to
help keep them warm.