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Making fruit salad- RRS

In Maths today we used our knowledge of halving and quartering to make
a fruit salad. Tell a grown up what your favourite fruit was.

Assembly- RRS

In our class assembly about compassion today we had a talk from
Linsey's mum who works as a carer for the elderly. She told us about
how she helps the elderly people at the care home and about the
activities they do there. It sounds great fun! Tell a grown up about
what you have found out about this week in assemblies about respect,
compassion and care of the elderly.

Today we have had a visit from the dentist!-RRS


Adding weights

Today we have been adding weights. We have been looking at adding more than
2numbers for number bonds for any number to 20.

Finding key features of an instruction text

We have been identifying the key features of an instruction text this week.
Today we have been highlighting and discussing the features.

Wonderful numbers...


Growing Plants

We are growing beans this term. Watch this space to see how Lime Class's are

Maths morning

We have hd a Maths morningg this morning. We have got up to all sorts!

Making bread

We have been looking at the Ltltle Red Hen story this week, so we decided we
needed to make some bread and read recipes. We had a whole Literacy morning on
Thursday- look what we got up to....

Writing numbers in words.

This week we have been working on writing our numbers in words. We are getting
really good at this!!!

Our finished soda bread

It was delicious!

Who will help us bake the bread?

This week we have been reading the story of the Little Red Hen. We have
also been finding out how wheat is grown, harvested, ground into flour
then made into bread. Today we made soda bread. We used our measuring
skills to weigh out the ingredients and then learnt a new skill-

26.03.15 marvellous math measuring

Lime Class have been measuring using standard and non standard units of measurement.

The Snail and the Whale

Look at our amazing sewing skills. Thank you to all parents, and grandparents, who helped us to sew our egg cosies. Happy Easter everyone!!