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Science Day


Science Day!

We had a great day today in a Elm class today. We found out why leaves
are green, how to make our tongue fizz, how water moves around plants
and how seeds can move about. We learnt new words like, chlorophyll,
carbon dioxide, seed dispersal and capillary action. Can you tell a
grown up what some of these things mean? In the afternoon we made a
poster about our learning and showed it in assembly.

Musical Meaning!

Music with Mrs Rolls. May 2015. Year 1 have been learning some musical vocabulary. On this display you will also spot some winning posters, and some spoons which we use for a listening game.

Science Day

>We have been doing lots of science activities today. Here are Lime Class in

>their day of excitment. Making sherbet, looking at how seeds travel and
>a celery stick red! Ask us how we did it and why it happened!!

Botanical Art

We have been creating some observational drawings during our topic on plants.
Can you guess what plants we chose to draw?

Catching raindrops


Multiplication and divison

The last 2 weeks we have been grouping and sharing and learning the difference
between the two. Ask us to count in 2s,5s and 10s. We are prqctising and
getting quite good!!

Can you catch a raindrop?

We caught raindrops today. We filled a tray with flour and then Luc
braved the weather and stood outside to collect the raindrops. Then we
baked them in the oven to get rid of the water. After that we had to
sieve the flour and then we were left with raindrop crystals.

13.05.15 Elm Class' PSHCE posters.- RRS

We have been adding lots of ideas to our posters about the different ways we learn.

PSHCE 13.05.15 RRS

We had lots of ideas for our posters!

13.05.15 We can learn in lots of different ways!

We have been making posters to show the different ways we learn, including all of our senses. What are the different ways you learn at home?

Making and tasting rice crispie squares

We have been making and tasting rice crispie squares today. We had a recipe
that told us we needed:

36 cups of rice crispies
12 tabespoons of butter and

16 cups of mini marshmallows

We quartered the mixture (and looked at what half
and 3/4 of it would be.) Each batch made 1 baking tray of treats.

We melted
the butter and marshmallows together in the microwave for 30 seconds.

then added the rice crispies to the marshmallows (some at a time)

Then we put
into the baking tray so it set.

See if you can make sone at home too. Yum!