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PSHCE road safety 24.06.15

We borrowed real lollipop equipment to learn about road safety, and the pretend roads on the playground! Children were asked to remind their families to uses lollipop people wherever possible, too!

PSHCE road safety 25.06.15

We sang a new song to remind us to stop, look and listen!

Weather Maps

Have fun making your own weather map and writing the forecast!

17.06.16 people who care for us.


17.06.15 people who care for us.

We have been thinking about people who care for us. We also thought about how we care for each other, and look after cats! Here are some of our pictures and photographs.

More beach day photos


Beach Day in Elm Class

Wow, what a busy day we had on Friday! Our Year 1 assembly followed by
lots of beach themed activities. We had our photos taken in the seaside
photo booth, then we made beach hut photo frames to display them in. We
also made seaside trinket boxes as souvenirs of the day. They look
great! All topped off with an ice-cream!


This week we have been learning about capacity and the measurements. Some of us measured using cups and spoons and some of us used litres and ml.  And some of us even solved some tricky problems. 

Our class rainbow poem.