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Thanks Santa!

Merry Christmas Lime Class! Have a very crafty and safe Christmas and New Year. 
See you next year everybody! 2017! Wow!

Look who visited Lime Class. Our CCTV discovered this...

Thanks Santa!  (Catch Santa)

Thank you parents for coming!


Nativity fun!


Love to Learn

Tomorrow Lime Class will be sent home with their Love to Learn books. This is a book where we will send home little tasks from time to time. We have a few things in there... Most importantly there is a list of high frequency words that your child should know as they have been taught those so far. Please practise these. They need to read them, once they know those to read, they need to be able to start writing them.

Don't panic! They are not to be learnt in the 2 weeks, they are there to help you to know what your child needs to know. we have the year to make sure we really know them, but we need to make sure we are practising  them as well as practising our phonics. 
Over the holidays continue to read as much as you can (we know it can be hectic) it all counts towards Boris. We will count the amount you have read when the children return (please do not fill them in yourselves). Remember its being read with each day- please read as much as you can a day, but it will only be counted…

Christmas Madness

Lime Class are in full Christmas swing.... Christmas cards, Christmas trees, performances! Woah a whole lot of madness. 

Moving Pictures

We have been making our Christmas Cards today and have been doing it to use as a moving picture. We cannot wait to see them all finished! 

19 sleeps to go!

Our Christmas Decs part 2. We are all Christmassy now!


Here is our INSPIRE mindset objectives for each child. Some children are only a step away, others need to work a little harder. But we are all aiming for our full INSPIRE! If you have any questions, please come to speak to Mrs Young or Mrs Cross.

I I have a go on my own. I am resourceful. I reflect on my learning. I am reliable and trustworthy. I continue to practise even when I have accomplished something. N I am resilient. I take risks in my learning. I am brave. I can stick at an activity. I carry on even if a failure causes upset. S I wear the correct school uniform. I strive to be the best I can be. I can value my own things and those of others. I demonstrate good manners. I use 'please' and 'thank you'.

Lime Class do sleeps to Santa


We're feeling festive....

Lime Class have finished their decorations for the hall. When the light shines through they look like stained glass baubles. Well done, Lime Class! 

E-Safety and Phonics

Thank you to any parents who attended the Phonics session on Monday and the E-Safety meeting today.

Mrs Cross and I wanted to make you aware of You Tube kids. A lot of children shared that they go on YouTube and so we wanted to make you aware of this. It takes away any videos that are not appropriate (the children will still need to be supervised). 
It is an app that you download and then your child will use that to watch any videos- such as watching Kinder Eggs be opened (if that is what they like!) 
Mrs Young and Mrs Cross

Phonics Screening.

Hi everyone,

We hope you have had a lovely weekend!

Just a reminder that tomorrow there is a Phonics Screening workshop for ALL parents at 2:30pm. It is the expectation that all parents attend this session. If you are unable to attend, please inform the office or ourselves and we will make other arrangements so you can hear the message and ask any questions.

This is an important focus in Year 1- Learning to read and blend accurately and fluently. In tomorrow's session we will explain what the screening check is and how you can help your child- not only be aware of the check but to read and enjoy reading.

Even if your older child/ren has been through this, we would appreciate your attendance as there are new messages to accompany what you may already know about the check.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow,

Mrs Young and Mrs Cross. 😃

P.S. We will  show this video tomorrow, but please take a look. This shows how each phoneme should be correctly pronounced. We have a lot of ch…

Lime Class play time fun!

Lime class were allowed on the climbing equipment for the first time this afternoon. Look at the fun we had! 

Performing Nursery Rhymes

We have been learning Nursery Rhymes to perform today. We split into 3 groups and performed to some of Elm Class. We really wowed our audience! 

Nursery Rhyme Week

Year One are taking part in Nursery Rhyme week. Lime Class have accepted the challenge of learning 1 nursery rhyme a day... Today was Doctor Foster. Check back to see what we learn tomorrow. Can your child retell the rhyme of Doctor Foster for you? They even made up actions!

Let's Explore

These are some of the things we have done today...