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Telling the Time

Can you say what the time is on all these clocks? We have been
practising telling the time to the hour and half past the hour. Some of
us have also been using quarter past and quarter to times. Please spend
a little time (!) practising telling the time at home. If you like, you
can also make up some time word problems, such as, "it takes 2 hours to
get to grandma's house. If we left at 5 o'clock what time would we get
there?" You can bring in any work you have done at home to show us.

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Outdoor classroom day

Elm class made a rock pool! We added rocks, shells, starfish, anemones
and sea urchins. How many can you spot?


Elm class were learning about capacity last week. We used rice to order
different containers depending on how much they could hold. First we
guessed which order the containers would go in, then we found out by
pouring rice from one container to the other. Some of the results were