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This week we have been using numberlines to add numbers together.

Isabelle the Maths Whizz

Today we had writing numbers to 20 as one of our Maths Challenges, Isabelle challenged herself to write all the ways she could find to make 10. Well done, Isabelle!  

We like to challenge ourselves.


Let's Explore

The children may have told you about our Let's Explore we do. This is moving them on from Busy Bee time in Reception. We have a set of 9 challenges that are out at different points in the week  below is a photo of this week's challenges. See if your child can do some of them at home too!  Holly is filling in her Let's Explore

This weeks challenges. 

Pirate day arr me hearties!

We started our topic with a great day of being pirates! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves. 

Welcome to Week 2

This week we will be looking at counting and more and less than a given number, writing letters and ourselves.

If you can show your child or talk to them about letters, this would be fab! How they start (Dear) how we end them and so on. What could they include about themselves? We have been using "the day the crayons quit" if you would like to read this to your child most libraries will have, or can get a copy. 
In maths, knowing more than or less than any numbers to 20 will be worked upon. We will learn that more than means that we add and less than means we subtract (take away). 
We will also be finding out about ourselves, keeping a weather diary and making sure we know how to stay safe on the internet. If you would like to help us to make sure your child knows how to stay safe online, or just to see what we are looking at, Hector's world is what we will be watching 
Let's have a great week!

Our first week

We hope everyone has enjoyed their first week back this week. By now, your child has their reading books and records. These need to be filled in each time you read with your child-one of our books or one from home. 
We had fun this week, getting to know our new class and our teachers, we can't wait for next week. Enjoy the weekend and we will see you Monday morning. Here are a few photos to show some of the things we did this week. 
If anyone has has any old board games (even with pieces missing) we would be grateful of these- twister, jenja, hungry hippos, connect 4 and guess who are some we would really like. We will be making phonics games for the children to play, and these games would help us greatly. 

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome Back! And a very BIG welcome to Year 1. We have lots of exciting things planned for the year and are excited to get started.

Mrs Young is Lime class teacher and Mrs Cross is in Elm. Your child will have their reading record by the end of the week and this can be used to note down what you and your child read at home together- can be the book we send as well as comics, magazines, novels, library books and so on.