Friday, 16 December 2016

Thanks Santa!

Merry Christmas Lime Class! Have a very crafty and safe Christmas and New Year. 

See you next year everybody! 2017! Wow! 

Look who visited Lime Class. Our CCTV discovered this...

Thanks Santa! 
(Catch Santa)

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Love to Learn

Tomorrow Lime Class will be sent home with their Love to Learn books. This is a book where we will send home little tasks from time to time. We have a few things in there... Most importantly there is a list of high frequency words that your child should know as they have been taught those so far. Please practise these. They need to read them, once they know those to read, they need to be able to start writing them.

Don't panic! They are not to be learnt in the 2 weeks, they are there to help you to know what your child needs to know. we have the year to make sure we really know them, but we need to make sure we are practising  them as well as practising our phonics. 

Over the holidays continue to read as much as you can (we know it can be hectic) it all counts towards Boris. We will count the amount you have read when the children return (please do not fill them in yourselves). Remember its being read with each day- please read as much as you can a day, but it will only be counted once. 

There will be Nativity photos here tomorrow, and lots more Christmas fun! Two days until the festivities begin... See you tomorrow!!! 


P.s. Parents who came to the phonics screening workshop: you will remember I mentioned games. Well there will be resources, my fairies are currently working hard to get them ready. They will be ready by Monday 9th January. If you want to borrow one, there will be a library system in place. Then return them when you are done. 

Mrs Young and her fairies.

Christmas Madness

Lime Class are in full Christmas swing.... Christmas cards, Christmas trees, performances! Woah a whole lot of madness. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Moving Pictures

We have been making our Christmas Cards today and have been doing it to use as a moving picture. We cannot wait to see them all finished! 

19 sleeps to go!

Our Christmas Decs part 2. We are all Christmassy now!


Here is our INSPIRE mindset objectives for each child. Some children are only a step away, others need to work a little harder. But we are all aiming for our full INSPIRE! If you have any questions, please come to speak to Mrs Young or Mrs Cross.

I have a go on my own.
I am resourceful.
I reflect on my learning.
I am reliable and trustworthy.
I continue to practise even when I have accomplished something.
I am resilient.
I take risks in my learning.
I am brave.
I can stick at an activity.
I carry on even if a failure causes upset.
I wear the correct school uniform.
I strive to be the best I can be.
I can value my own things and those of others.
I demonstrate good manners.
I use 'please' and 'thank you'.
I can take turns.
My behaviour is never an issue.
I ask thoughtful and relevant questions.
I try new things.
I can be part of a team.
I am proud of what I have achieved.
I can tell you what I like.
I respect other people's opinions.
I can challenge the views of other people respectfully.
I have fun working hard.
I want to improve.
I am aspirational.
I know how to be successful.
I seek the opinion of others to help identify improvements.
I can act on my ideas.
I engage in class/group discussions.
I can share my knowledge and skills.
I learn outside school and share with my classmates.
I develop expertise and deep interest in some things.
My learning excites me and I enthuse others.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Lime Class do sleeps to Santa

We're feeling festive....

Lime Class have finished their decorations for the hall. When the light shines through they look like stained glass baubles. Well done, Lime Class!