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Taking away money- giving change.

Today we have been looking at taking away money and kmowing that we are giving change. Look at some of the activities we got up to. 

Reading with our peers

Whilst getting changed from P.E., some children started to read to each other and discuss words. Well done, Lime.

Dancing in Polar Regions

Moving like Polar Bears
Penguins Huddling to keep warm 


There will be no Phonics library tomorrow, a text will be sent out. Sorry for any inconvenience, I will see you all on Thursday 3:20-3:30pm as usual.

We have been learning what vowels are.

The children love this song

Boris Readers for Elm

Well done to Elm class on their readers this week. Some are away today but fantastic work. 😀

Rhyming poems

We have been writing lines of poems that have to rhyme. Have a look at some of our poems. 

Boris Readers for Lime

Well done to everyone this week!

Lime have 5 this week with Ryan and Ellie on their first journey, Holly and Marcelina on their second journey and Jude is already on his third and with 83 reads is on his way to being a centurion reader! Well done everyone!

Inspire Mindset Link if you need it :)

A Request

Please can all children in Year 1 be provided with some gloves. We have a lot of children quite upset that they have cold hands at lunch time.

Thank you


Lending Library on again tomorrow! Please try to come along and borrow an activity for the weekend. The children play the games in class as well so know how to do them themselves- and they are meant to be fun! 😁 We really want to access all children so please, let other parents of Year One children know it is on. A text will be sent as a reminder tomorrow. Have a lovely evening 😁

Using coins

We are learning to use coins to pay for things as well as adding 2 prices together. Today we were a fruit shop. :)


We have also been looking at addition. We know that adding 2 or more numbers together means that the answer is larger than the numbers used. You add them in together. Later in the week, we are going to be working on adding prices of food and drink together to find a total. 

Number Formation

We are practising our number formation. Have a go at home-make sure the numbers go the right way!

Recognising and using coins

Today we have been looking at recognising coins and using them to pay for items. 

Using rhyming words


Phonics Library

Thank you to everyone who attended today's lending library! A great turn out, doubling from the last 4 times we have done this. We hope everyone enjoys their games and comes back on Thursday or next week. Remember, the Year 1 team have done this to benefit all children in Year 1-so please spread the word! There are more games coming- we just need to get them laminated and into folders. They are coming very soon. 
Year 1 Team

Rhyming Words

This week we are reading "Rumble in the Jungle" and are thinking of our own rhymes. Look at our rhyming rainbows we have done this morning. 

Phonics Game Library.

Remember the Phonics Lending Library is open again Monday and Thursday 3:20pm-3:30pm. Please make sure all of the children have been dismissed before you enter the building so that Mrs Young can help you take a game. We want all of our children to practice their phonics so we hope to see you all this week! Don't forget to spread the word!

Year 1 Team

We are learning about coins this week- take a look at this and see what you have at home!


Well done to all our Boris Readers so far!

Keep Reading!

Phase 2/3 Tricky Words


Phase 2 Tricky Words


Look at this! We are using them to learn to write the Phase 4 words in Lime!


We have been learning our shape names


We have been looking at this song to help us to remember to blend when reading!


Phonics Game borrowing.

Don't forget that Year 1 staff will be around for the Phonics library after school tomorrow 3:20-3:30. We only had a few parents the last week, these games are to help with reading so please come and use us. See you all tomorrow!


Today we looked a little at symmetry and used shape stamps on butterflys to see what happened. We knew what the shape names were and could talk about how symmetry means that something is the same both sides-identical.