Sunday, 26 February 2017

Phonics Library

Don't forget Phonics Library is on again this week Monday and Thursday straight after school. Bring the games you have borrowed back, let Mrs Young know what one you have borrowed and then enjoy it for the few days or for a week.

Please do not forget to sign out your games so that the Year 1 team know where they all are.

Thank you and we look forward to another week of fun!

Mrs Young

Friday, 24 February 2017


We have created wanted posters today. Look at our use of adjectives as well as saying why we need to catch him. 

Look what has happened!

We were very excited to see this, this morning. :)

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Parent Workshops

Thank you to all the parents that came to the workshop today.

I apologise again for being unable to demonstrate or show you what we do properly as I had little voice, but please feel free to make another appointment if you would like to see it in action on a different date.

It was lovely to see you all come and support your children.

In the Summer Term there will be opportunities to spend time reading/ making games with your children so please look out for the invite to that.

Thank you again for being so understanding.

Mrs Young


We have also been looking at whether something is heavier or lighter than 1kg


Today we are looking at weighing using non standrad measures (cubes) tomorrow we will be using a 1kg weight to see what is heavier or lighter than 1kg. 

We have also been practising the skills we learnt at the begining of the week to measure lines that are accurate. 

Uh oh!

Look what is happening to the egg...