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Exploring sight

We were looking at our sense of sight today. We did an experiment of dropping a coin with our visually
impaired (one eye covered) friend. 

We also labelled parts of an eye, talked about animals that can see in the dark and created pictograms of the eye colour of children in our class! 

Outdoor Games ~ Elm

The court was overrun with rabbits this afternoon... can you share what we did at home?

Music and Movement in Elm and Lime!

This afternoon, Mrs Tatman and Mrs Wagland enjoyed another action filled music session!

We enjoyed telling the Bear Hunt story using the actions that Micheal Rosen taught us. Click here to watch the video
Some of us even made up our own!


Remember we are off to Lulworth this week!

The children will need a packed lunch, coat and themselves (we do not need book bags on Thursday!) Please ensure you arrive at school as stated on the letter and arrive in PE top, school jumper and own bottoms and shoes.

Thank you!

Tricky Word Songs

We use these songs to help us to remember how to spell tricky words. Please practice these at home too. 

Good manners

We have been looking at good and bad manners. We are now making posters to show how to be a good member of Lime Class. 


Todaywe are writing our names and playing around with fonts, colours and size. Lime have had LOTS of fun.