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Phoneme: the smallest unit of sound (so in bat: b- a-t. Three units of sound three phonemes. Sh-ar-k: three units of sound, 3 phonemes). 

Grapheme: the way a phoneme is written these can be found below onthe advanced and basic codes. There can be many graphemes for one phoneme. As you can see in the advanced code. 

Diagraph: 2 letters 1 sounds. So.... ai, sh, ch. they are two letters but they make one phoneme. 

Trigraph: three letters, one sound. igh, ure, air, ear. 

Split diagraph: 2 letters and one sound. But there is a consonant in the middle a_e. Like in made, fade, plate, and so on. 

Remember to practise reading your alien words.

You can do this using these websites:

Phonemes to learn to read- including using sound buttons:


High Frequency Words

Articulation of Sounds- How to say the phonemes. This is a video released with Letters and Sounds

This is a video where you can see the person's face. Please see the advanced and basic code as not all of the representations from the basic code are  used and instead some from the advanced code is (we learn this throughout Year One). Remember not to pronounce the phonemes with an /er/ on the end. :)

Information for Parents:

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